Rental - Concert Line Array Package 3

Rental - Concert Line Array Package 3


4 Dynacord Cobra-4-Top 15" Line Array Speakers
4 Dynacord Cobra-PWH 18" Line Array Subwoofers
2 Dynacord Cobra-4-Rack Amplification and Processing Racks
6 QSC KW122 12" 1000W 2-Way Monitor Speakers
1 Midas / Behringer X32 Digital Mixer
1 Midas / Behringer S32 Digital Snake
1 Shure ULX Wireless Microphone System (choose Handheld or Headset)
8 Microphones (any combination of Vocal or Instrument)
7 Drum Microhpones
13 Microphone Stands (any combination of Boom or Floor)
4 Radial ProDI Direct Boxes

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