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Rental - BSS FCS-966 2 Channel Graphic EQ

Rental - BSS FCS-966 2 Channel Graphic EQ


The BSS FCS-966 Constant Q Graphic Equalizer puts the fine tuning abilities you need into your hands, giving you an excellent means of room contouring, feedback control, and audio sweetening. The exceptional design of the BSS FCS-966 includes separate Hi and Lo contour filters, so you can adjust settings without effecting the general room or loudspeaker response. BSS’s Constant Q topology gives you more efficient performance, providing a smooth interaction between adjacent faders and the resultant EQ curve. The faders offer +/- 15dB of adjustable gain.


  • 30 ISO bands, each with +/-15dB of gain and centre-detent filter bypass at 0dB for maximum performance
  • Custom finger-fit fader knobs
  • Hi and Lo shelving contour controls for sweetening
  • Constant Q filters for better efficiency
  • 8-segment LED input/output metering
  • CLIP indicator
  • Balanced inputs and outputs on XLR, 1/4″ jacks
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